Becoming a foreman


Do you feel like it's time to take the next step in your nationänner du att det är dags att ta nästa steg i ditt nation engagement? Have you worked the pub a few times and feel like you know what you're doing? Maybe you have new ideas of other events you would like to arrange? Become a Förman!

How do I Apply?

The vacant posts will be announced by the nomination committee on our Facebook page on the Monday three weeks before the nation meeting. You can nominate yourself or others that you find suitable for a post. You do this by filling in the linked form on the announcement. After that, the nomination committee will contact tha candidates via telephone to book an interview.

The Interview

During the interview the nomination committee will ask post you have applied for, if you know what the responsibilities will be, why you find yourself suitable for the position and such.

When the interview is over, the nomination committee will discuss whether they find you suitable for the position or not. From this they make a desicion and call within a few days to let the candidates know whether they are nominated or not. If you get nominated you have to come to the nation meeting and present yourself and answer some questions that the others attending the meeting might have. After this, the nation meeting will vote and if you get a majority you have officially been elected! 


If you don't get nominated, or miss the nomination period, you can always go up as a counter proposal by sending an email to . This happens if more people apply than there are vacancies, or the nomination committee doesn't believe that you would be suitable as foreman. You can go up as a counter-proposal until the Sunday before the nation meeting. 

How do I Prepare?

Going up as a foreman can seem scary and nerv-wrecking. The best way to prepare for your interview is to talk to one or several of the foremen holding the position you're interested in. They can share some tips and tell you about their own experiences. If you don't know who is holding your position you can always send and email to and ask.

Being a foreman is a big responsibility, but also loads of fun! Apart from hanging out with your friends while working, there's a whole load of benefits you get from it.

All of the foremen get a so called Green Card, which gives free entrance to all other nations. The more often you work, the more food tickets you get. You can trade these for free meals during our other sections, and even as payment for sittnings.

The Kuratel also host regular foreman activities, and every second term a foreman trip. All of this is entirely free as a thank you for our foremen's hard work.

It's also a perfect opportunity to decorate your CV with some volunteering!