Kalmar Nation is the only nation in Lund that has residential buildings in two different parts of Lund.

Kalmargården is located on Biskopsgatan is our nation house, so it is in that building that we have all our nation activities. The office is located on the first floor and the pub in the basement. Kalmargården also has four apartments and 18 corridor rooms spread over four floors. It is a cozy house to live on and very central since you are only a short walk from Lundagård and the AF Castle. You also have the University library 150m away!
To get more information about Kalmargården or ask yourself in our housing queue, please contact our House Foreman Gustav Heyner.

Kalmar Västra is located on Måsvägen, in the west part of Lund, just by Vildanden. Since it's not as central as Kalmargården, the rents are a bit lower, but the atmosphere is just as cozy with Kalmar spirit! Kalmar Västra offers four corridors with 10 rooms in each corridor, and 12 apartments ranging from studios to three rooms. To get more information on Kalmar Västra contact our House Foreman Irene Perez Zumalde.

To get accommodation in either of our houses you need to sign up for our housing queue. In this queue you get points depending on how long you have been a member, if you have been active (either as foreman or kuratel) and for how long, and if you have already lived in one of our houses. This means that the more nation active you are, the more likely you will get housing!

Houseforeman Kalmargården

Gustav Heyner
0707 - 35 33 04



Houseforeman Kalmar Västra

Irene Perez Zumalde


0709 - 16 31 58