Nations can be difficult to figure out as they are unique voluntary organisations by students, for students. Below you can see an explanation how we work and which parts are responsible for what. 

The nation meetings

The Nation Meeting is the highest decisional unit of the nation. There are three Nation Meetings per semester where all Kalmar Nation's members are welcome to join, and entitled to vote. During these meetings the nation's budget and yearly balance are determined, for example, and our Foremen, Seniors and Kuratel Members are elected. 

The board of seniors

The Board of Seniors is, outside of the Nation Meeting, the highest decisional unit of the Nation. Seniors are supervising the Kuratel's work and help them throughout their different tasks at the Nation. The board consists of seven members whom, together with the Inspector, Pro-Inspector, Kurator, Pro-Kurator Economy and Pro-Kurator Social are entitled to vote. The Källarmästare and Notary are constantly adjunct, and the Notary is also writing the secretary for these meetings. 

The Seniors are also divided up into seven sub-committees where they work as supervisors and support for the different parts of the nation's organisation; the Purchase Committee, Economy Committee, PR Committee, Pub Committee, NATU Committee, Spex Committee and the Social Committee. 

The Kuratel

The Kuratel is the highest executive unit of the nation. The Kuratel consists of five different members, the Kurator, Pro-Kurator Economy, Pro-Kurator Social, Källarmästare and the Notary. 

The Kurator is responsible for the administrative work at the nation like the membership system, bookings of the facilities, scheduling and representation in different collaborations.

The Pro-Kurator Economy is responsible for the finances of the nation. They are responsible for suggesting a budget, bookkeeping, yearly balances, and making sure that the bills and similar are paid.

The Pro-Kurator Social is responsible for the food purchases of the nation and has the main responsibility in the communication with the foremen.

The Källarmästare is responsible for maintaining the facilities and purchasing the alcohol for our pub sections.

The Notary's main responsibility is the PR, marketing, and online presence of the nation. They are also the secretary at all of the official meetings that are held at the nation.

The foremen

Kalmar Nation has about 40 Foremen who are responsible for maintaining our sections. Some of the sections have more than one foreman, like the pub and spex section. As a Foreman at Kalmar you get to participate in an amazing community with your friends. You also get to participate in Foreman exclusive actvities! 

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