Kalmar Nation’s history - briefly

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Kalmar nation was founded on February 29th, 1696 when the Consistory (nowadays known as University Board) during a meeting decided that "Calmarienses, Junekopienses and those from Visingsö" would form a nation. The Kalmarites might have originally belonged to Småland's nation, but from that day on they would have their own nation. Chosen inspector was Erland Lagerlöf, professor in Roman eloquence.  

In 1767, Kalmar Nation joined forces with Östgöta and Västgöta nation and formed the Götiska Nation. This was because the smaller nations in Lund at this time had very few enrolled. The Götiska Nation existed for 50 years, but in 1817 the three nations decided to divide and Kalmar Nation became an independent nation once again. 

One of the greatest events in the nation's history took place on March 1st, 1897. It was then that Storaste Kroppkakan, Kalmar Nations ball was held for the first time. Today it is the oldest ball in Lund with this year marking its 122nd anniversary . It maintains most of its original traditions which makes it a very appreciated and fun party! This ball is an appreciation to the traditional Öland dish, Kroppkaka, which is a form of ball made from mashed potatoes with a pork core. Every ball there is also an eating competition to see who can eat the most Kroppkakor. The record right now is held by Markus Johansson who ate an astounding 20.5 kroppkakor in 2003. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Kalmar Nation's or Storaste Kroppkakan's history there are several books you can borrow in the office library.